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Hey, my name is Nicole ! I welcome you to my space where you can find a great variety of gem stones and handmade jewelry created with much dedication and love Each jewel tells a story, each unique piece inspired by the moment where everything flows when I feel with my threads and minerals, each one made with love and passion.

It all began on one of my travels in 2010, returning to my homeland in Chile, a place of poetry and mountains. And it was then and there traveling through the Atacama Desert that I first learned about this ancient technique of weaving strings to create beautiful patterns. When I saw these people working, I could sense that they entered into a state of meditation just by weaving, and that caused me great curiosity and wonder. When my journey ended, returning to Europe, I decided to try with the strings, at first I mostly gave them away to my friends and family, then later I started selling in markets, while traveling and on street corners.

Just around those days I discovered that I could cover my travel expenses with something I love to do, I haven’t stopped since …

Throughout these 11 years I have been constantly looking for minerals, in places all around the globe, India, Nepal, Mexico, Morocco among others, setting up shop on music festivals and events. I had the pleasure of meeting very lovely and open people to share my techniques and thus evolve, and it is thanks to those moments and people that I could truly flower in my creativity and my work as a craftsman.

Recently I started experimenting with my alchemic roots, and am offering a few health care products now, trying to heal the body from another angle. In particular we have begun to study and prepare CBD products as we believe it’s a molecule that brings great health benefits in many areas .

We certainly will be adding more cosmetic and wellness products over time I invite you to explore my creations and am delighted to share the results of my various creative journeys with you…

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