About Hi.lo

Hey, my name is Nicole, Welcome to this space created with so much dedication and love, where you will find varieties of natural stones, jewels made by hand; in addition to offering products for the care of our health mixing alchemy to align our body.
It all started on one of my trips in 2010, returning to my homeland in Chile, a country of poetry and mountains. It was there that, traveling through the Atacama Desert, I learned about this ancient technique of weaving threads. When I saw people working, I felt that they were in a state of meditation and that caused me great curiosity and wonder. At the end of my trip, returning to Europe, I decided to try with the strings, at first I started giving gifts to my friends and family, then selling in markets, traveling and on the street. That’s when I discovered that I could cover my travel expenses, I haven’t stopped since …
This is how throughout these 11 years I have been looking for minerals, in places like India, Nepal, Mexico, Morocco among others, working in festivals and events. I have had the pleasure in my travels of meeting very friendly and open people to share this technique and thus evolve, thanks to them who have marked a before and after in my work as a craftsman.
Each jewel tells a story, each unique piece inspired by the moment where everything flows when I feel with my threads and minerals, each one made with love and passion.
In combination with macrame this last year we have begun to know and investigate more deeply CBD products and why this natural medicine has become so popular, its multiple benefits in our system, I am delighted to be able to share it with you…
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chooose love. I invite you to know my work !!