Necklace with amazonite and rudrakasha seeds from india


Mystical Origin of the Rudraksha

In the sacred texts of Hinduism, called puranas, the story of the origin of the Rudraksha seed is related.

It is said that the god Shiva withdrew for a long time to meditate on humanity. When he woke up, he felt so much pain for humans and their condition that he shed tears on the earth.

In this way, Shiva's tears, upon coming into contact with the earth, gave rise to the seeds that would help man heal and find happiness.

These seeds were the Rudrakshas and therefore have great value in Hindu and Buddhist cultures.
In the mental, amazonite promotes the relaxation of thoughts and stimulates the elevation of our willpower.

In the emotional field, it helps to harmonize feelings so that we can avoid or effectively treat depressions, fears, etc. In addition, she is still able to make them better know how to deal with the losses and adversities that life imposes on us. It is also excellent for stabilizing the senses and even assisting in the treatment of paranoid people.

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―― Some gemstones may have natural cracks or inclusions.

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In the spiritual field she has the power to pacify the entire environment to her surroundings, promoting spiritual purification and the incompatibility of earthly beings close to the crystal.

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