Purple Labradorite and quartz tip pendant


Double stone pendant, quartz point and purple labradorite, enhances your protection with quartz that drives away negative energies
This combination elevates you to a universal connection, labradorite It is a highly mystical and protective stone, it deflects unwanted forces from the aura and forms a barrier against negative energies. It can take you to another world or to other lives, as it is a very esoteric stone that facilitates initiation to mysteries. Labradorite aligns the physical and etheric bodies, stimulates intuition and psychic gifts.

Psychologically dispels fears and insecurities. Strengthens faith in self and trust in the universe. Calms the overactive mind and energizes the imagination, also provides contemplation and introspection. Put it in the higher heart chakra or hold it or place it where appropriate.

-Details of the work-

Color / black

Rope Material / Polyester Wax Cord

total length stone / 4.5 cm max approx quartz, 1.5 max approx labradorite

total length of the pendant (from the neck) / 53 cm approx. max. (sliding closure)

total fabric length / approx 4 cm max.

Beads / Brass, Natural Stone Beads (Quartz and Purple Labradorite)

* Notes * Make sure to read.

―― Because the piece is handmade, there might be traces of molten thread at the ends.

―― The workmanship, color and size of natural stone may differ slightly from the photo image.

―― Some gemstones may have natural cracks or inclusions.

*** Please understand that some of these will be not visible on the pictures.***

―― Please note that we do not return or refund.

If you make a mistake or want to change something, contact us as soon as possible.

Thank you for understanding

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