Ruby zoisite


It is said that The red color of the ruby-zoisite will bring us creativity and sexuality, the green color is related to healing, helping us to retain wealth, passion and abundance. The Zoisite, together with the Ruby, will help us transform all the negative energies that lie in wait for us, into positive ones. tumbled ruby ​​zoisite mykgemasAlignment of the chakras, allows vocalization and resolution of problems in a loving way. It will drive away bad thoughts and problems, not only eliminating them, but also transforming them into positive thoughts. Connector with the spiritual realms. By activating the crown chakra it creates an altered state of mind that facilitates Soul remembrance and spiritual learning. The zoisite helps the manifestation of the “I” itself, filling you with courage and valor to impose yourself in the face of unfair situations in your life, reinforcing your mental serenity and your firmness in the face of abuse. It favors productive individualism, helping us realize our own ideas and transforming destructive impulses into constructive ones. The Zoisite together with the Ruby is also ideal to develop those creative ideas that are in our mind and which we have not yet managed to give shape to. It dispels lethargy and brings repressed feelings and emotions to the surface so they can be expressed. It has the property of redirecting the mind towards its goals after an interruption.


* Notes * Be sure to read.

――Because the piece is handmade, there may be traces of melted thread on the ends.

――The workmanship, color and size of the natural stone may differ slightly from the photo image.

―― Some gemstones may have natural cracks or inclusions.

*** Please understand that some of these will not be visible in the images. ***

―― Please note that we do not return or refund. If you make a mistake or want to change something, please contact us as soon as possible.

Thank you for understanding.

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