Spring design Moonstone and Opal from Ethiopia


Physical healing energy: this stone is responsible for boosting the biological forces of the body, that is, it promotes fertility, childbirth and relieves menstrual pain. In addition, it helps fight degenerative conditions in the skin, eyes and hair.

Emotional healing energy: Moonstone helps to relax the mind and body, it also helps to master emotions to express yourself correctly.

Chakra healing and balancing energy: directly affects the crown chakra, and the spiritual center, bringing concentration, wisdom and peace into the body.

Spiritual energy: using this stone was synonymous with hope and faith, for that reason, in India it was widely used, because it was considered to represent their hope.

Amulets and talismans: for many years, the Moonstone was considered a talisman.

In health: Moonstone does not replace any medical treatment, but some healers use it to stimulate the pineal gland and level the heartbeat.

Magical properties: in the countries, women who wanted to get pregnant sewed moonstones into their clothes and used them during the full moon. This stone is also associated with business, protection, good luck and passionate love.


Ethiopian opals are excellent crystals for psychic development. They can be used in meditation to help increase the ability to see the future, also known as precognition. They magnify kundalini awakening and are highly protective, helping to release fear and providing a protective energetic barrier around you.


* Notes * Be sure to read.

――Because the piece is handmade, there may be traces of melted thread on the ends.

――The workmanship, color and size of the natural stone may differ slightly from the photo image.

―― Some gemstones may have natural cracks or inclusions. *** Please understand that some of these will not be visible in the images. ***

―― Please note that we do not return or refund. If you make a mistake or want to change something, contact us as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding

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